September 2010 vs. september 2013

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In september every year Stockholm have this race called Tjejmilen  (Women’s 10K).
Tjejmilen in 2010 was my first race and I run it with my friend. I had a goal 10K under 1 hour.
Few years later I found the picture from that first race.

And I was reflecting back on my three year and thought ”what a trip”!
Under those three year I have done:

Run 10K – 51 min
Done an Ironman
Run an Ultra trail marathon 50K
A lot of 10K races
Swim open water – 4K
Started to free dive
Started biking to work (also change job ones)
Lost some weight!! Recently I achieved my goal with my weight ”under 65kg”!


So this pic. says a lot:

You need to have a ”check points” every year – just to reflecting on.
So, simple as Tjejmilen. Just to see the resultate.

This kind staff get me going on!


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