What a weekend!

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Thursday – Some nice dinner, with Lisa (http://www.ironwoman.se) and her honey to celebrate my darling Martin (http://www.mlo.se) for turning one year older.



Friday – Celebrate 5 years of me and Martin together at ”Bakfickan Djuret”, (http://www.djuret.se/index.php?welcome=1).


Super Yummy!!

Saturday – Super nice dinner at home. Moose and more wine.

Yummy yummy!

Sunday – I took a run.
My man said ”Go for 6K, you can do it”. Well ok.
I have been running like nothing or 4K, so 6K is just 2K more (like nothing).
When I´m running I think a lot.
”How strong I felt”, ”What an amazing body”, ”Is it my boxing training that has positive effects for my running skills?”, ”If some criminal comes and attack me I know what to do, PAOW, PUFF, BANG”, ”humm…humm, good music, lallalallaaaa”
”I have never run with shoe with spikes in wintertime, hummm, nice!”
bild 1

bild 2-4 bild 2

Those stuff people say you can´t do, because they are unhealthy or unsafe.
I say:
– If you love candy then you eat candy!
– If you love nice dinners, then you go eat it!
– If you love to drink some wine, well just do it
– If you love to run, go out and run like a maniac.
– If you love running in the dark, take some boxing lessons, hehe
– If you love your parents, family, friends…GO and meet them!

And don´t regret your decisions, just chose wisely and enjoy those moments!


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