First time in my new wetsuit

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Finally I found a nice wetsuit and I´m so happy! (Zone 3, Aspire 10)
I have problems to find the perfect wetsuit because of my broad shoulders and my boobs.

My shoulder are even wider than my boyfriends, haha.
So you see the problem?
Most women have nice and normal shoulders and that’s whom the wetsuits are designed for.




I look forward to swim more open water. Are you coming?

Long time no see

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Almost too long. What has been going on then?

Well, I am training a lot:
Monday – IntervallFlex at F&S
Tuesday – Running
Wednesday – Boxing
Thursday – Running
Friday – like it sounds FREEday
Saturday – Boxing
Sunday – Long distance run

I have also been at two Ultra running training weekends. Saturday-sunday. Third on the way (29-30 March)

What about swimming and biking until Ironman?
I got a plan I promise.
Last year I started to swim open water in June. And I feel that I don´t need to put that much energy on swimming.
I´m happy to swim 3,8 km in 1h 30min.

But biking then? Well, maybe this weekend? I miss My Lady a LOT and I hope she misses me.
I have a plan here also, to just get 110km+ before IM.

Things I learned last year:
1. You get stronger running muscles and stronger upper body by boxing.
2. Stick to your plan
3. Experiment all the ”food/energi” on long biking sessions and runs.
4. Keep running
5. Bike in rain and bad weather – witch I did last year and oBoy what a good motivation boost.
6. Do not panic
7. Smile, SMILE!!
8. Buy a GPS-tracker so loved ones can find me if something happens on the lonely long distance trainings.
9. Buy a new wetsuit!!!
10. Smile smile smile and see the goal.


In the pic it´s me running super fast to the goal in IM Kalmar!
What a happiness! 


Ultra marathon inspiration – Johan Steene

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Today was a day I felt BIG YES! Because I was worried about the upcoming ultra marathon training weekends.

So I run 10K and felt good.
When I run long distance, it is like I´m meditating. My breathing is controlled and smooth.
Everything just klicks. Love it!

bild 1-6

I’ve been thinking how I will manage my long-distance races and training sessions with the paleo inspired diet.
No one has been able to answer my questions until now!

Johan Steene eats LCHF (”kind of” paleo diet) and I’ll take inspiration from him that managed to find the balance.
Here is an example that I aim for to find this food-intake-balance he write about on his blogg.
In the practice rounds, I have very rarely with me water and even more rarely calories. But my longest rounds of 30km and then I do not think it is needed. Sweden it is often so cool so it’s only on the hottest days of summer, I need bring a water bottle on the longer sessions. ” (

NO WATER under 30K? Wow! This I find interesting because when I racing Ironman so I was drinking to much water. Listen, learn and test!

You know the best part? 
He will come to one of the ultra marathon training weekends!

You know the crazy part? 
He will start (soon, today) a race ”Transomania” 285 km Non stop in max. 100 hours

80 km of mountains
65 km of canyons
145 km of sand dunes and wadis (track through the desert)

Thats super mega WOW! Meditation 2000! To follow him: (

Training hard = Bruise?

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Tuesday – Spinning 55 min
Wednesday – Box
Thursday – Interval Flex
Sunday – ??

I woke up and was wondering why I felt pain in my knees. WOW!
Lots of bruises!

It’s from boxing when I crawled under my boxing friend, while she was performing pushups and doing the yoga-dog. But I have to say that I got an amazing boxing buddy. Just so crazy and super strong. I was afraid of her at first but then we became friends.

I´ll miss my boxing on saturday because I’m going to go and listen to Dave. He will talk about his experiences of IRONMAN.
well well, I could go and run a loop och two.


In the pic it´s my friend, the trainer Angela and me.

Year was 2012 – My first marathon

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I heard once that I can do a marathon in TWO years. If I just keep running and practice.
Well, thats true, I did it with some pain, but anyway I DID IT!

Here is when my friend is videotaping me crossing the finish line.

I have to say:
Today I´m so glad that my friend Alexandra asked me if I wanna to race the Womens 10K (2010) with her and maybe run a marathon later on.
Well, where are we today?

Going and training sessions together. Something that is good with that girl is that she is not afraid of sweating her ass off.

I’m so thankful, Alexandra, that I have you in my life.
It’s important to have strong and happy people around you so that you can get your ass of the sofa and keep going!



What a weekend!

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Thursday – Some nice dinner, with Lisa ( and her honey to celebrate my darling Martin ( for turning one year older.



Friday – Celebrate 5 years of me and Martin together at ”Bakfickan Djuret”, (


Super Yummy!!

Saturday – Super nice dinner at home. Moose and more wine.

Yummy yummy!

Sunday – I took a run.
My man said ”Go for 6K, you can do it”. Well ok.
I have been running like nothing or 4K, so 6K is just 2K more (like nothing).
When I´m running I think a lot.
”How strong I felt”, ”What an amazing body”, ”Is it my boxing training that has positive effects for my running skills?”, ”If some criminal comes and attack me I know what to do, PAOW, PUFF, BANG”, ”humm…humm, good music, lallalallaaaa”
”I have never run with shoe with spikes in wintertime, hummm, nice!”
bild 1

bild 2-4 bild 2

Those stuff people say you can´t do, because they are unhealthy or unsafe.
I say:
– If you love candy then you eat candy!
– If you love nice dinners, then you go eat it!
– If you love to drink some wine, well just do it
– If you love to run, go out and run like a maniac.
– If you love running in the dark, take some boxing lessons, hehe
– If you love your parents, family, friends…GO and meet them!

And don´t regret your decisions, just chose wisely and enjoy those moments!