Friday practice with the Apnea club

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I´m still laughing to this video.
He explained that he will dive and put the camera underneath us, but I didn´t hear that little detail. See for your self and Enjoy!

I say ventriloquist under water!

Box me, babe!

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I got a idea! – I go and box!

Friskis & Svettis have this great boxing classes and I starting to love them!
Today I box with a tall and older lady.
OMG! My kick were crazy!
The lady like flew away – PANG!

”Do you have done this before?” the lady ask me.
”Well, thanx!” ^_^

Next BOXing time will be at Friskis&Svettis in City on Saturday – Are you coming and taking my kicks?


September 2010 vs. september 2013

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In september every year Stockholm have this race called Tjejmilen  (Women’s 10K).
Tjejmilen in 2010 was my first race and I run it with my friend. I had a goal 10K under 1 hour.
Few years later I found the picture from that first race.

And I was reflecting back on my three year and thought ”what a trip”!
Under those three year I have done:

Run 10K – 51 min
Done an Ironman
Run an Ultra trail marathon 50K
A lot of 10K races
Swim open water – 4K
Started to free dive
Started biking to work (also change job ones)
Lost some weight!! Recently I achieved my goal with my weight ”under 65kg”!


So this pic. says a lot:

You need to have a ”check points” every year – just to reflecting on.
So, simple as Tjejmilen. Just to see the resultate.

This kind staff get me going on!

Two take away servings & one dinner

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Artichoke soup Coconut bread & Vanilla almond

Artichoke root soup – My way
1 red onion
500g artichoke root
Some Butter
5 dl vegetable bouillon
1 dl coconut milk
1 dl grated parmesan cheese
1 pinch Salt
½ pinch white pepper

Fry the chopped onion in the pot with butter.
Peel and cut the artichoke root into smaller pieces.
Add them along with the vegetable stock in to the pot and cook for about 2 minutes.
Use the mixer to get the soup smooth, let the soup cook some.
Add the rest and mix quickly, No more heating!
Heat and serve with coconut bread!

About 3 dl per serving – If your are hungry

How to make the Coconut bread:
I just add some walnuts and my favorite cranberries.

How to make the vanilla almond butter – Use a food chopper/mixer, a round thing.
Chop until a creamy texture occurs and add a little coconut oil if desired, otherwise add vanilla powder.