Ultra marathon inspiration – Johan Steene

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Today was a day I felt BIG YES! Because I was worried about the upcoming ultra marathon training weekends.

So I run 10K and felt good.
When I run long distance, it is like I´m meditating. My breathing is controlled and smooth.
Everything just klicks. Love it!

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I’ve been thinking how I will manage my long-distance races and training sessions with the paleo inspired diet.
No one has been able to answer my questions until now!

Johan Steene eats LCHF (”kind of” paleo diet) and I’ll take inspiration from him that managed to find the balance.
Here is an example that I aim for to find this food-intake-balance he write about on his blogg.
In the practice rounds, I have very rarely with me water and even more rarely calories. But my longest rounds of 30km and then I do not think it is needed. Sweden it is often so cool so it’s only on the hottest days of summer, I need bring a water bottle on the longer sessions. ” (http://bitihop.se/naring/)

NO WATER under 30K? Wow! This I find interesting because when I racing Ironman so I was drinking to much water. Listen, learn and test!

You know the best part? 
He will come to one of the ultra marathon training weekends!

You know the crazy part? 
He will start (soon, today) a race ”Transomania” 285 km Non stop in max. 100 hours

80 km of mountains
65 km of canyons
145 km of sand dunes and wadis (track through the desert)

Thats super mega WOW! Meditation 2000! To follow him: (http://chrono.geofp.com/tom2014/v2/)